Creative Belfast Showcase 2006:
Part Two

The Creative Belfast Showcase 2006 was a ‘first’ for the city and a cultural highlight of the 15-month Celebrate Belfast 2006 programme during which some 700 cultural and sports events took place all over the city.

The programme reflects the sheer diversity and quality of the culture and arts scene here: the finest music, festivals, circus, carnivals, community and youth arts, crafts, dance, drama, fashion, film, literature, poetry public art and visual arts.

Part Two of the Showcase features the Beat Initiative, Terry Loane, Niall Wright, John Joe McNeill, Karma 45, Richard Dormer, Libby Smyth, Clair Lamont, Brian Kennedy – with compères Christine Bleakley, Mark Carruthers, Joe Lindsay, and Emma-Louise Johnston.